Mar, 2018

Zidovudine Oral Solution Safety Information update


Important information has been issued by ViiV Healthcare in order to highlight recent safety guidelines concerning zidovudine oral solution usage in neonates. Below is the official letter from ViiV Healthcare: The purpose of this letter is to highlight recent safety information regarding zidovudine oraI solution usage  in neonates. Zidovudine Oral Solution (ZDV) is indicated for: Human lmmunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infected adults and children in anti-retroviral combination therapy  chemoprophylaxis in HIV-positive pregnant women (over 14 weeks of gestation) for prevention of maternal-foetal HIV transmission and for primary prophylaxis of HIV infection […]



Feb, 2018

300 patients enrolled in PED-MERMAIDS study


Enrollment of patients to the PED-MERMAIDS study is proceeding at a remarkable pace and we have reached 300 patients this month thanks to all sites and their teams.
Specially remarkable the top recruiting site,



Feb, 2018

New Italian Guidelines on the use of Antiretroviral Therapy and the clinical-diagnostic management of HIV-1 affected patients

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The guidelines provide indications on the prescription of antiretroviral treatment and the management of HIV affected patients. They are addressed to infectious diseases specialists and help provide a reliable benchmark for patients’ associations, policy makers, health organizations and any other subjects involved in this field.