Oct, 2018

CHAPAS team win EDCTP Outstanding Research Team Prize


Congratulations to the CHAPAS paediatric HIV trials team! It has been awarded the prestigious European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) prize for Outstanding Research Team. The EDCTP prize recognises the team’s scientific excellence, and their major contribution to strengthening clinical research capacity in Africa, and networking between the partners. The CHAPAS (Children with HIV in Africa – Pharmacokinetics and Acceptability of Simple antiretroviral regimens) team has worked together for over a decade. It includes partners in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the Netherlands and the UK. Their research focuses on […]



Mar, 2017



Happy to announce our ZIKAction project website is now live!

Watch this space…



Jul, 2015

Early antiretroviral therapy in children perinatally infected with HIV: a unique opportunity to implement immunotherapeutic approaches to prolong viral remission


Authors: Klein N, Palma P, Luzuriaga K, et al. Published in: Lancet Infect Dis. 2015;15(9):1108-1114. Abstract: From the use of antiretroviral therapy to prevent mother-to-child transmission to the possibility of HIV cure hinted at by the Mississippi baby experience, paediatric HIV infection has been pivotal to our understanding of HIV pathogenesis and management. Daily medication and indefinite antiretroviral therapy is recommended for children infected with HIV. Maintenance of life-long adherence is difficult and the incidence of triple-class virological failure after initiation of antiretroviral therapy increases with time. This challenge shows the urgent need to define novel strategies to provide long-term viral suppression that will allow safe interruption of antiretroviral therapy without viral rebound and any associated complications. HIV-infected babies treated within […]