Scientific Staff

Daniele Donà

Daniele Dona’

Daniele is a pediatrician with special interest in infectious diseases, in particular on planning antibiotic trials and implementing programs for judicious use of antimicrobials in neonates and children. He studied Medicine at the University of Padua. After his pediatric residency, he started a 2-year research fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Currently he is a PhD student at the Department for Woman and Child Health at the University of Padua, where he is working to implement an antimicrobial stewardship program.  His current work with the PENTA Foundation involves scientific protocol writing, assisting clinical sites with study implementation and manuscript preparation for various projects.


Daniel José Gómez


Daniel José Gómez

Daniel is in charge of the financial database and cash flow management of the Foundation.
In addition he provides active support to the Project Management department for the planning and design of project budgets.
He holds a BA in Business Administration and Management specialized in financial management from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).

Rebecca Lundin

rebeccaRebecca Lundin

Rebecca is a social epidemiologist with expertise in policy analysis, data management and analysis, and planning and implementation of pharmacoepidemiology studies. Her current work with the PENTA Foundation involves scientific coordination for several experimental and observational studies in multi-center, international settings, grant writing and strategic planning, and database management, data analysis, and manuscript preparation for various projects. Rebecca has a wealth of experience in academic, corporate, and governmental settings, applying her analytic skills and passion for public health to topics as diverse as infectious disease treatment paradigms in resource limited settings, pharmaceutical product safety, spatial analysis of national health data in a developing country, and assessment of federal feeding program policy on sugar sweetened beverage intake domestically.

Laura Mangiarini

laura_mangiariniLaura Mangiarini

Laura is a geneticist specialised in advanced therapies and regulatory affairs with a special interest in paediatric medicines and rare disorders. She worked for many years in Drug Discovery coordinating early phase R&D projects. More recently she moved into clinical development coordinating large multinational paediatric projects. Laura provides scientific coordination and regulatory support for several projects and applications in PENTA’s portfolio.

Alessandra Nardone

Alessandra Nardone

Alessandra is a pharmacist. During her studies in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology at the University of Padua, she developed a particular interest in pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs. She attended a one-year Pharmacovigilance course at the University of Milan, and now her current work with the PENTA Foundation concerns regulatory affairs and quality assurance

Andrea Oletto

foto-andreaAndrea Oletto

Andrea is the Administrator of the PENTA REDCap Server and the Data Manager for the Foundation. He helps on the design of REDCap projects and the maintennance of the software, along with the management of users.
He is undertaking a BS in Statistics at the University of Padua, (Italy).

Paolo Sacerdoti

Paolo Sacerdoti

Paolo is a project manager and data manager in training with the PENTA Foundation. With a BS in information engineering and a completed MS in Bioengineering, he provides support for the development and maintenance of PENTA’s REDCap databases, assists with data analysis and helps manage clinical trials focused on HIV. He is town counselor in Padua and is an Italian National team member in wheelchair rugby.

Project Management

Davide Bilardi

davideDavide Bilardi

Project Manager for PENTA Foundation. In specific he coordinates the management of some clinical trials projects focused on antibiotics in paediatric patients. Taking advantage of his cursus studiorum, Davide supports PENTA’s collateral activities in favour of HIV infected children in sub-Saharan African countries, in collaboration with other international cooperation agencies.
After his master degree in International Studies, he specialized in Human Rights and increased his management skills working in local institutions and private sector as project and financial manager. Davide is representative of the NGO New Humanity at United Nation office in Geneva and he is assistant professor at the international relations course of the University Institute “Sophia” in Florence – Italy.

Silvia Faggion

silviaSilvia Faggion

Currently Project Manager for the PENTA Foundation, Silvia provides administrative, legal and financial support to EU-funded projects specifically focused on HIV – including an application to H2020 – and on “medicine for children” (GRiP). Thanks to her expertise in the management of research grants, she also provides consultancy and project management support for projects beyond PENTA’s core activities on Paediatric Infectious Diseases, mainly in the framework of Padova hospital.
She holds a University degree in foreign languages Translation and Interpretation. Before being engaged for PENTA she has worked for a period at the Permanent Delegation of Italy to the EU – Health sector – providing support for work related to the health dossiers under discussion during the Italian Presidency.

Tiziana Grossele

tizianaTiziana Grossele

Tiziana is in charge of administrative and financial activities of PENTA Foundation EU-funded projects – focused on ID neonatology trials. Thanks to her expertise in the management of FP7 projects including clinical trials, she is also in charge of the projects scientific coordination – including direct liaise with pharmaceuticals and CTU as well as fulfilment of the sponsor responsibilities – and is a member of clinical trials steering committees with management and financial planning role.
She organizes and coordinates consortia meetings and specific committees meetings in the field of PENTA Foundation and PENTA network and has recently and for a short term held the role of Foundation President PA.
She has been working at PENTA Foundation since 2009.
She holds a Bachelor’s degree in foreign languages Translation and Interpretation.
In the last five years she has attended specific training courses focused on the activities she carries out at the PENTA Foundation, specifically Trial Management and Project Management of European projects.

Inger Lindfors


Inger is working in the Management team in research projects involving Paediatric HIV research. She has a strong background in the field of Public Health and International Medical Research Administration, originated by her degree and previous work at the Medical University Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm (Sweden). Her current work concerns management in Global Research in Paediatrics (GRiP), a European Network of Excellence where Inger is member of the organising team for the Master of Science on Paediatric Medicines Development and Evaluation. She is also responsible for the administration of the GRiP Educational Board.

Giulio Vecchia

giulio-vecchia-x-sitoGiulio Vecchia

Giulio is a Project Manager in training at the PENTA Foundation, currently involved in financial and coordination activities of various EU-funded projects. He holds a BA in International Economics from the University of Padua.

Francesca Viero

Francesca Viero

Francesca is a Project Manager in training at PENTA, providing support to the Project Management group’s administrative, financial and coordination activities in EU-funded Projects. She also takes part in PENTA’s initiatives for HIV infected children and women in sub-Saharan Africa and assists in organizing annual PENTA meetings. Francesca holds a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Interculturality and Social Citizenship from Cà Foscari University of Venice and is a member of the regional Register of Social Workers, applying this background to social science activities within several PENTA projects.


Francesca Mazzetto


Francesca Mazzetto

Francesca is a Project and Communication manager at PENTA Foundation. She has 12 years of expertise in the planning, design and management of EU funded projects in the field of public policies, working for organizations in Italy and in the UK and attending training courses focused on EU funds and project and communication management. She manages communications and social media for PENTA and also provides project management support for clinical trials focused on HIV and antibiotics. She has a BA in Oriental Languages and an MA in Inter-Mediterranean Mediation (investments, migrations, societies & institutions in North Africa and Middle East).


Andrea Canton

andreaAndrea Canton

Andrea is the accountant of the Foundation. He is responsible for the financial data entry, the cash and expense management and the payrolls. He also liases with all the providers of the office consumables and is the reference for the IT issues.
He is undertaking a Bachelor Degree in Social Communication at the University of Padua (Italy).

Teresa Guzzonato

teresa_guzzonatoTeresa Guzzonato

Teresa is the CFO of the Foundation, being responsible for the banking and treasury activities. She provides support to the Project Management for budgeting and financial forecasting needs. She liases with external tax consultant for general accountancy and administrates the human resources.
She has a Bachelor Degree in Foreign Languages – with specialization in Japanese – from the University of Venice (Italy).

Peter McEneaney

peter-mceneaney-x-sitoPeter McEneaney 

Peter is the accountant of the Foundation. He is responsible for cash and expense management, carrying out payments of invoices and financial data entry. He also provides help with translating documents and liasing with overseas collaborators. He has 10 years of experience working in the field of education and translation. He holds a Joint Hons. BA in English Literature and Greek & Roman Studies from University College Cork, Ireland.

Martina Schiavon

Martina is the secretary of the Foundation. She supports the PENTA Staff and the PENTA-id Network in the organization of business travels, meeting and general secretarial activities.