Population pharmacokinetics of unbound and total dolutegravir concentrations in children aged 12 years and older: a PK substudy of the SMILE trial

Inadequate hospital practices to prevent mother-to-child transmission of Hepatitis B Virus infection: A European survey

SMILE once-daily regimen non-inferior to triple ART regimen

COVID-19 among adults living with HIV: correlates of mortality among public sector healthcare users in Western Cape, South Africa

O32 Using rapid qualitative inquiry for implementation support in a multinational study on infection prevention and control in neonatal intensive care

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Penta signs the 2022 Rome Action plan to intensify commitment to scaling up prevention, diagnosis and treatment of paediatric HIV and TB

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🇬🇧 Penta unveils Brighter Future Award 2023: Recognising innovators and visionaries driving positive change

Nominations are open for the Penta Brighter Future Award!

Lessons learned from the HIV pandemic to strengthen qualitative research methods for (re)emerging infections

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Patterns of antibiotic use, pathogens, and prediction of mortality in hospitalized neonates and young infants with sepsis: A global neonatal sepsis observational cohort study (NeoOBS)

Global study highlights deaths from neonatal sepsis and steps to improve treatment

🇮🇹 Sepsi nei neonati: ancora alta la mortalità nel mondo. Nuovi strumenti per facilitare diagnosi e cura

🇬🇧 Global study highlights deaths from neonatal sepsis and steps to improve treatment

Nucleoside/nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitor sparing regimen with once daily integrase inhibitor plus boosted darunavir is non-inferior to standard of care in virologically-suppressed children and adolescents living with HIV – Week 48 results of the randomised SMILE Penta-17-ANRS 152 clinical trial