Annual Report 2018


The Penta Foundation was established in 2004 to bring together a research network of paediatricians and clinicians to join forces and find answers and solutions to the most critical issues that HIV/AIDS posed to child health everywhere in the world.

Over time, we have established a global independent scientific network dedicated to paediatric research, that today encompasses more than 110 clinical sites in 31 Countries. Branching out from our initial focus on HIV, in recent years we have started investigating other infectious diseases affecting children: hepatitis, tuberculosis, Zika virus and other arboviruses, bacterial and fungal infection and antimicrobial resistance.

The ideas, ambition and passion that have been there since the outset are still burning strong. Almost 30 years since its foundation, Penta is today one of the most prominent scientific organizations dedicated to paediatric research. We strive to work independently, transparently and collaboratively because sharing is a value, a method and an end for us.

You can read the letter and the report in full here.