Our PIM meetings

Our PIM meetings

Every 2 years we get together for the Penta ID Meeting

Claire Thorne

The PIM encompasses a rich and multifaceted network of scientists and professionals involved in several areas and our global collaborators and stakeholders, all of them with a common goal: to improve the quality of life of children and their families.

Siobhan Crawley and Manica Balasegaram

We encourage the exchange of data and proposals within the network.

Pauline Aumage, Pablo Rojo

We highlight the importance of every contribution and strengthen the sense of belonging within the network.

For all of us, sharing is a value, a method and a goal.

Our communication though horizontal, two-way, peer-based, participatory exchanges makes us unique.

Victor Musime and Sarah Walker

We are cultivating a new generation of leaders.


We would like to update you on our recent activities