PENTA 20 (Odyssey)

“I failed to take them as I should and now I’m scared”: how can we support adolescents’ adherence on second line HIV treatment

09 Oct, 2018

Authors: Bernays S, Namukwaya S, Mupambireyi Z, Nanduudu A, Mujuru H, Turkova A, Gibb DM, Seeley J, and the ODYSSEY Trial Team. Published in: 10th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics,…
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Steady-state pharmacokinetics and early safety data in HIV-infected African children weighing ≥25kg after switching to 50mg film-coated dolutegravir tablets in the ODYSSEY trial

14 Sep, 2018

Authors: Turkova A, Bollen P, Kaudha E, et al. The ODYSSEY Trial Team Published in: Oral Presentation at 10th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics, Amsterdam, July 20-21st, 2018
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