Apr, 2006

A randomised controlled trial of genotypic HIV drug resistance testing in HIV-1 infected children: the PERA (PENTA 8)


Authors: Aboulker J-P, Babiker A, Bacheler L, Burger D, Castelli-Gattinara G, Compagnucci A, Debré M, Della Negra M, Dunn DT, Giacomet V, Giaquinto C, Gibb DM, Green H, Harper L, Lyall H, Pillay D, de Rossi A, Rosso R, Saïdi Y, Walker AS on behalf of the PENTA 8 study group

Published in: Antiviral Therapy 2006: 11:857-867 



Jul, 2005

A randomised trial of resistance testing versus no resistance testing in children with virological failure: the PERA (PENTA 8) trial


The development of resistance to antiretroviral drugs is considered to be an important cause of treatment failure in HIV infection. Many randomised trials and studies have been conducted to assess the clinical utility of resistance testing in adults, with mixed conclusions. However, current clinical guidelines recommend the routine use of resistance testing as part of patient management.

Authors: Giaquinto C, Green H, De Rossi A, Saïdi Y, Compagnucci A, Girard S, Castelli-Gattinara G, della Negra M, Pinto J, De Souza Marques HH, Lyall EGH and Gibb DM on behalf of the PENTA 8 study group.

Published in: 3rd IAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment, 24-27 July 2005, Rio de Janerio. Oral and poster presentation WeOa0106