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PentaTr@ining (formerly ‘Tr@inforPedHIV’) started for the first time in 2005, in the framework of the partnership between Penta and the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Diseases (ESPID). It is a training programme for healthcare professionals caring for children and young people living with HIV and congenital infections. This innovative course uses a new methodology integrating distance learning with interactive residential courses.

PentaTr@ining is unique in its learning system as it incorporates an e-learning section into the teaching. At the beginning, the course was designed to address topics related to the treatment of children with HIV/AIDS in Western and Eastern Europe, but the great success of the first experiences led the organisers to readapt and export it also to low and middle income countries, in a variety of international settings including Africa, Asia and Latin America. This has given the chance to many more clinicians and healthcare professionals to meet, share knowledge and benefit from this experience.

Since 2008 it has been part of the Oxford Paediatric Infectious Diseases Diploma.

PentaTr@ining 2020: ‘HIV & other Congenital Infections’

For the biennial European edition of the course, we have completely revamped and updated the curriculum areas covered and the training content in order to deliver a new course centred around updates in a variety of different congenital infections, whilst building on the success and reputation of the previous Tr@inforPedHIV courses. The upgraded online course will be highly interactive, designed to kindle engagement and encourage intercommunication among the students and faculty team. It comprises 6 modules, a series of clinical cases, interactive webinars and dedicated tutoring from our expert trainers. It has also been designed in a way which helps prepare students to be proactive participants at the face-to-face course, where teachers and participants meet up and share experiences and know-how, and also to consolidate the knowledge they will have acquired as the course progresses.

However, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt every aspect of our lives, we have taken the decision to defer the residential part of this course until further notice. While we regret that we are not currently able to meet in person for the face-to-face trainings, the safety and well-being of all our course participants is our first priority. As an interim measure we have planned a ‘Virtual Live Training Day’, which takes place following the end of the online course and covers the same depth and content of the face-to-face meeting. This is an opportunity to bring delegates and faculty members together ‘virtually’ – via a professional online platform – for an exciting day of quizzes, interactive clinical case discussions and webinar presentations!

The English language version of our flagship online course kicked off on 2nd November 2020 and concluded on 5th March 2021. Plans are currently under way to bring translated versions of the updated course to a wider audience of both Russian and Spanish speaking delegates.

2021 and beyond…

So far, more than 4,500 healthcare workers from over 30 countries have participated in the training, which has been extremely successful and very well received by the attendees. To date we have carried out 70 courses, with others planned for the very near future.

Moving forward, we aim further expand our training programmes into other clinical areas of our research activity – continuing to widen our network more and more, and where it matters most!

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