4th International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis

The Paediatric Tuberculosis Network Europe (pTBnet) is an international network of paediatricians promoting clinical research in the field of paediatric tuberculosis, sharing and developing ideas and research protocols.

pTBnet welcomes you to the 4th International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis in Barcelona in February 2024. Following previous editions in Pavia (2013), Vilnius (2018) and Sofia (2021), new areas of research and clinical development have emerged with the aim of improving the care of children with TB.

This is the only international meeting that focuses exclusively on the prevention and treatment of TB in children and adolescents. Long neglected, under-diagnosed and under-reported, the importance of paediatric TB has finally been recognised in the last 15 years and important research questions are being addressed. Such research needs to be translated into policy and clinical practice changes on the ground. This meeting aims to bring together top international experts and speakers with paediatricians and other professionals involved in day-to-day paediatric TB consultations.

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Upon registration, trainees and other delegates are encouraged to present a clinical case (submit a 250-word abstract to hospitalbarcelona.abstracts@sjd.es by January 15th 2024). The 4 best cases will be selected for oral presentation during the meeting and the registration fee will be refunded to the presenting author; the rest of abstracts will be electronically displayed during coffee breaks.

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