3rd International Meeting on Childhood Tubercolosis

The 3rd International Meeting on Childhood Tuberculosis will take place at the Hilton Hotel Sofia, Bulgaria on Thursday 26th – Saturday 28th March 2020.

This 3rd conference will update the considerable progress in TB programmes and research that is taking place. The conference will take place over 2.5 days starting at 13:00 on Thursday 26th March and finishing on the afternoon of Saturday 28th March 2020.

This meeting is the only international European meeting entirely focusing on updates in prevention and treatment of TB in children and adolescents.

Please visit the official website for more information.

You can download the flyer here.


About pTBnet

Founded in 2009, ptbnet is an international network of over 250 clinicians and researchers in paediatric TB, based in 32 European countries, as well as America, Africa, Asia and Australia. ptbnet coordinates clinical research across multiple sites and facilitates complex case discussion via its online platform. In addition, ptbnet has an advocacy role for children and adolescents with TB, and supports training and education activities focused on paediatric TB.

Since 2012 ptbnet has facilitated 12 publications, including in high-impact journals (The Lancet, AJRCCM, Thorax, the European Respiratory Journal) and highly-regarded subspecialty journals (IJTLD, Tuberculosis, Vaccine).

Previous meetings in Padua, Italy in 2013 and in Vilnius, Lithuania in 2018 have been pivotal in bringing together experts in various aspects of paediatric TB, such as diagnostics and MDR-TB, and fostering new collaborations. Both meetings were attended by over 100  delegates from across the globe. In Sofia we are aiming to assemble clinicians, researchers, public health officials, and patient advocates from Eastern and Western Europe and beyond.