Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Call for Service – Penta 30th Anniversary Video.

The questions listed below have been submitted to Penta by interested applicants. They have been published here for ease of access should others have similar questions. If you have additional questions, please submit them to no later than 8 March 2021.

All questions submitted will be posted and answered on this page.

Between 10 and 20 minutes, depending on the idea

We would like to use it at the opening of our annual event. We would also like to embed it in the homepage of our website. We will use a short version of it for the social media.

We only have some pictures. As an example, please visit our Who we are page 

No, we would like to be able to use some video cuts as insights on people/themes.

This information will need to be collected through interviews with key people, who may suggest some articles with background information that can be used to justify the need for our research activities (innovative research on HIV, what new information and solutions are needed). Some of our major studies are ending this year and will be able to put you in contact with chief investigators who would provide useful data

Yes, we have a list of 7/8 people who have been involved in the network since the beginning and that you would liaise with

Yes, Sepsi and antimicrobial resistence (please refer to this page and this video: ), viral infections other than HIV (ZIkaction as an example) and emerging infections (COVID-19). These are new areas, where it is hard or too early to show our impact , but it is important to hint to the new research challenges we have embarked on.


We would like to update you on our recent activities