Global Accelerator for Paediatric Formulations (GAP-f)

Ensuring children have accelerated access to optimal drug formulations

GAP-f is a collaborative framework set-up to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions to provide better medicines to children in LMICs. It promotes a faster, more efficient, and more focused approach to paediatric formulation development.

The global HIV health community has made substantial progress to accelerate the development and uptake of better paediatric products for children living with HIV. To keep this momentum going, GAP-f has formalizing collaboration across sectors to enable accelerated development and availability of optimized treatment options for paediatric infectious diseases, such as HIV, tuberculosis and viral hepatitis.

Penta is a member of the  GAP-f Working Group, which is responsible for developing a paediatric drug development and delivery strategy, leading GAP‑f’s advocacy work, and overall operations of GAP‑f.

To find out more about GAP-f’s work visit the website.