Delegate – Maputo training (2019)

14 May, 2020

“Exciting; Informative; Inspiring”

I am a nurse and counselor with vast experience in community work. I am in charge of recruiting Study participants of different Trials at my place of work (JCRC) in Kampala, Uganda.

I expected new updates and knowledge regarding different country HIV/AIDS drug updates, management, how to handle peadiatric HIV and to communicate appropriately from PentaTr@ining.

I also wanted to learn better approaches to Pediatric HIV care, drugs (ARVs) management of HIV in adolescents and newly borns. I also realized that handling children and adolescents needed a lot of patience and understanding in order to achieve positive results.

At JCRC we do have the opportunity of sharing all newly acquired knowledge and information and Updates by giving CMEs (Continuous medical education) to colleagues and train them as well. The training has helped in giving opportunities to many more clinicians and healthcare professionals to meet, share knowledge and benefit from the experience.

In my view, I think the Penta ID Network in a special way has helped trials in research and in improving on National guidelines in Paediatric HIV care and management. And also to guide Healthcare workers in understanding paediatric HIV Updates and educating them on the importance of adherence and HIV drug resistance.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, HIV still contributes to case fertility, hospital admissions, social dynamics (Gender-Based Violence, child headed homes) and poor adherence. Transmission and prevention are still a problem. Therefore, continuous sensitization, health coverage and access to medicine remain essential.

There is still social stigma surrounding people living with HIV, causing marginalization. There also myths and misconceptions that contribute to the generate to stigma in societies. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) materials don’t reach all places unfortunately.

PentaTr@ining was the first of its kind and I was excited to share experiences with the faculty and other participants!