Delegate – Maputo training (2019)

02 May, 2020

“Educative; Informative; Fruitful”

The training course added value to my work, looking at how others are tackling HIV in paediatrics in different countries and with new guidelines. My practice changed by reinforcing the new guidelines and giving a strong health education to adults in how to take care of children who are living with HIV/AIDS.

It is very important to start working on and paying extra careful attention to paediatric HIV, since they have been left out as we mostly only discuss the status of adults. It is vital to keep taking care and educating people on HIV infection for them to acquire more knowledge about HIV, on how to prevent it, on how to take medications…

In the year 2020, there is still such a strong social stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS due to poor standards of education – negative beliefs, feelings and attitudes towards people living with HIV, their families or people who work with them.

Other medical training courses that I have attended differ from PentaTr@ining, as they mostly focus on adults only and leave out children.