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01/10/2020 – conect4children: First site open for patient recruitment in KD-CAAP Study 

Penta led project, conect4children (C4C) has opened its first site for patient recruitment into ‘Kawasaki Disease Coronary Artery Aneurysm Prevention trial (KD-CAAP)’ Study at Great Ormond Street Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Kawasaki disease is a disease where arteries, particularly the coronary arteries in the heart, become inflamed, sometimes causing irreversible heart damage, heart attacks or even death. To prevent heart damage, Kawasaki disease in children and young people must be recognised by clinicians early, and promptly treated with anti-inflammatory medicines.

The study will assess the effectiveness of adding steroids to standard treatment in children with Kawasaki Disease, and aims to recruit 262 children as part of the study. The study will continue to open in approximately 60 sites in 15 countries across Europe. (Learn more)

25/07/2019 – Penta and CROMSOURCE Announce their Partnership to Improve Paediatric Drug Development (download)
01/04/2019 – University of Antwerp, bioMérieux, and Wellcome Trust to coordinate VALUE-Dx, a European Public-Private Partnership to fight antimicrobial resistance through diagnostics (download)
28/02/2019 – GARDP and Penta partner to accelerate the development of children’s antibiotics to tackle AMR (download)
06/02/2020 – PREPARE activated to Mode 2 in response to novel Coronavirus cases in Europe (download)
24/02/2020 – PREPARE continues active measures as novel coronavirus outbreak in Italy unfolds – press statement from PREPARE/COMBACTE/Penta (download)

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