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Clinical characteristics of 34 children with coronavirus disease-2019 in the west of China: a multiple-center case series

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Background Up to 9 March, 2020, 109577 patients were diagnosed with coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) globally. The clinical and epidemiological characteristics of adult patients have been revealed recently. However, the information of paediatric patients remains unclear. We describe the clinical and epidemiological characteristics of paediatric patients to provide valuable insight into early diagnosis of COVID-19 in children, as well as epidemic control policy making.

Methods and Findings This retrospective, observational study was a case series performed at 4 hospitals in the west of China. Thirty-four paediatric patients with COVID-19 were included from January 1 to February 25, 2020. And the final follow-up visit was completed by February 28, 2020. Clinical and epidemiological characteristics were analyzed on the basis of demographic data, medical history, laboratory tests, radiological findings, and treatment information. Data analysis was performed on 34 paediatrics patients with COVID-19 aged from 1 to 144 months (median 33.00, IQR 10.00 – 94.25), among whom 14 males (41.18%) were included. 47.60% of patients were noticed without any exposure history. The median incubation period was 10.50 (7.75 – 25.25) days. Infections of other respiratory pathogens were reported in 16 patients (47.06%). The most common initial symptoms were fever (76.47%), cough (58.82%), and expectoration (20.59%). Vomiting (11.76%) and diarrhea (11.76%) were also reported in a considerable portion of cases. A remarkable increase was detected in serum amyloid A for 17 patients (85.00%) and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein for 17 patients (58.62%), while a decrease of prealbumin was noticed in 25 patients (78.13%). In addition, the levels of lactate dehydrogenase was increased significantly in 28 patients (82.35%), as well as α-hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase in 25 patients (73.53%). Patchy lesions in lobules were detected by chest computed tomographic scans in 28 patients (82.36%). The typical feature of ground-glass opacity for adults was rare in paediatric patients (2.94%). A late-onset pattern of lesions in lobules were also noticed. Stratified analysis of the clinical features were not performed due to relatively limited samples.

Conclusions Our data presented the clinical and epidemiological features of paediatric patients systemically. The findings offer new insight into the early identification and intervention of paediatric patients with COVID-19.

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