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COVID-19 in pregnancy: early lessons

Tags: , , , , , | March 15th, 2020

Abstract As the worldwide incidence of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) rapidly increases, there remains limited information on COVID-19 in pregnancy. We present here our experience with an initial seven cases of confirmed COVID-19 in pregnancy presenting to a single large New York City tertiary care hospital. Five of the seven patients presented with symptoms of COVID-19, including cough, myalgias, fevers, chest pain, and headache. Four patients were admitted to the hospital, including two who required supportive care with intravenous hydration. Most notably, the other two admitted patients were asymptomatic on admission to the hospital, presenting instead for obstetrically-indicated labor inductions; both of these patients became symptomatic post-partum, each requiring intensive care unit admission.

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