Immune repopulation after HAART in previously untreated HIV-1 infected children

18 Apr, 2000

Authors: Gibb DM, Newberry A, Klein N, de Rossi A, Grosch-Wörner I, Babiker A

Published in: Lancet.2000; 355: 1331-2

Abstract In 25 vertically HIV-infected children receiving highly-active antiretroviral therapy, a 3-log10 reduction in plasma HIV RNA load was maintained for 1 year and was associated with a doubling of the CD4-cell percentage. Most (75%) new CD4 cells carried the CD45RA marker of naive cells and there was only a small rise in memory cells (CD45RO). This pattern of immune restoration differs from adults, and may be due to the presence of a functioning thymus in children.