Tools for Healthcare Workers to measure Health Research Capacity Development at an Individual Level

19 Nov, 2020


Author: Bilardi D, Rapa E, Bernays S, & Lang T

Published in: European Academy of Pediatric Societies


Background: Despite health research capacity development (HRCD) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs) being recognised as a critical element to overcoming global health challenges, insufficient actions have been taken to tackle major barriers to HRCD. A key barrier in supporting HRCD is the lack of empirical measurement of competencies to assess skills and identify gaps in research activities. An effective tool to measure HRCD would help drive more capable teams to undertake more locally-led research.

Aims: Primary aim: Systematically search the existing literature to investigate the nature, the scope and the extensiveness of existing tools created to measure HRCD at personal level in healthcare workers (HCW) working in LMICs. Secondary aims: identify a tool using a global evidence- based competency framework suitable for a comparable, standardised and consistent analyses of long term research competency acquisition in HCW in LMICs.

Methodology: Eleven databases were searched from inception to 16 January 2020. The first 10 pages of results from Google Scholar were also considered. The search was limited to English language publications. Two authors independently screened and reviewed studies using Covidence, extracted data and performed quality assessments using the extraction log validated against the CASP qualitative checklist. The content method was used to define a meta-narrative analysis.


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