Research activities

This has allowed us to nurture a vibrant multidisciplinary network of outstanding researchers and foster innovative partnerships to deliver research programs through which we aim to impact on children lives.

Our ODYSSEY trial provided the definitive evidence bringing two dolutegravir formulations accessible as first and second line for children of all ages and weight, as now recommended by WHO guidelines. The Penta Basic Science platform, initially developed as a project-based partnership, has now reached the stage of validation of the immunological and virological markers and endpoints in intervention studies.

Our continuous recommendations on the need to protect also children in the COVID-19 pandemic has been finally recognised and listened to and in 2021 VERDI, our project which prioritises women and children in the research on new coronavirus variants, was awarded by the European Commission.

These are only few examples of our commitment to fight children’s infections and treatment inequalities. In doing so, we always fathom what is happening around us and across the world, in terms of evolving technologies, methodologies and processes to accelerate the pathway towards our goals, and to be a global network at the forefront of science.