Stories from Penta

Lindsey Hunter shares her one year living & working experience in Italy

Lindsey shares her one-year living & working experience in Italy

First-Ever Uk Volunteer

Tess Pilkington shares her summer story

Marta shares her internship experience

“What I mostly enjoyed about my time in Penta was being part of a vibrant, multicultural and diverse working environment, where I always felt valued and accepted.”

It's a worthwhile journey

 Dr Pauline Amuge, from Uganda, speaks about her experience as a young investigator 

How the Penta experience changed the model of HIV care in Central America

Dr. Luis G Castaneda V, from El Salvador, shares his experience as attendee at Tr@inForPed course

COVID-19: an HIV perspective

See COVID-19 through the eyes of young people living with HIV. A different perspective on the current pandemic, provided by young people dealing with a viral infection every day.


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