The subphenotypes of early-treated children living with HIV-1



Subphenotypes have been identified in several heterogeneous diseases. Having a specific subphenotype often has therapeutic implications or impacts disease progression. In this study, we aimed to assess if children with HIV may show subphenotypes according to clinical, virological and immunological features.

We collected data from 40 HIV+ children included in a cross-sectional multicentric study (CARMA Study, EPIICAL Consortium). All children commenced ART <2 years,

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1st EPIICAL Newsletter


With the EPIICAL project being a hive of activity over the last year, we have collected a selection of contributions, stories and articles to bring you the very first edition of the EPIICAL newsletter! The issue contains an update on the evolution and recent progress in the HIV pediatric research coordinated by the project. We get to know the clinicians that locally sustain HIV programs and services with reports of their experience in the EARTH (‘Early Anti-Retroviral Treatment in HIV-infected Children’) study.

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