Discovering Australia: a trip to the International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics 2023


A warm welcome to my blog, thank you for joining me for the conference adventures!!! 

Flying to Brisbane, was a beautiful journey, it was my first time going out of India on a long plane journey. I was filled with lots of excitement, emotions, and dedication to making change in society through my reporting. Australia is a unique country, with beautiful places and a deep cultural history. Australians are known for their kind hospitality.

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ZIKAHOST study shares findings on genetic predisposition to typical ZIKA effects at SEIP 2021


The ZIKAHOST study aims to describe the Zika virus (ZIKV) infection taking into account the host, in this case humans, instead of the pathogen, which would be the zika virus, and we search for biomarkers of the increased likelihood of developing the disease, diagnosis and prognosis through a genomic approach. What this means is that we look at DNA to see if we could understand if patients can be genetically predisposed to develop typical ZIKV effects.

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1st International Varicella-Zoster Symposium – March 2020


The first international symposium focusing on Varicella-Zoster will be held 12-14 March in Athens, Greece.

This meeting will bring together experts working across public health institutions, to summarise the current state of the art knowledge on prevention of Varicella Zoster infections. Offering the opportunity for experts to share their experiences on Universal Varicella Vaccination programmes and discus challenges for further implementation, knowledge gaps and ways to overcome the remaining barriers to move varicella forward as a truly vaccine preventable disease.

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