Young Reporter – Collaborator

01 Sep, 2022


About the project:

“Young Reporters” is a new project which aims to improve the sharing of scientific information from HIV conferences and workshops to children and adolescents living with HIV through social media.

This project is being run by Penta Foundation (, one of the most prominent global scientific organisations dedicated to children’s health. Over the last 6 years, Penta has been working on engaging children and adolescents in meaningful ways in their research. A key theme is sharing science.

Each year there are several HIV global conferences and workshops where the latest research is presented and discussed. The activities performed during these conferences effect the medication and care of children and adolescents living with HIV all over the world.

This project is looking to train and support three Young Reporters to virtually and in-person go to these conferences and, through Penta Social Media platforms, share the science.

Reports To:

The Young Reporter will report to Penta Foundation’s Network, Education and Training Team Manager.

Job Responsibilities and Duties

  • Be part of a small team of young people from different parts of the world and liaise/collaborate with them to spread the science around HIV.
  • Attending at least one conference in-person and work on other conferences virtually (all costs related to attendance at conferences will be covered by Penta Foundation, including flights, transfers, accommodation and food).
  • Watching talks, listen to debates, interviewing researchers and gathering materials, all of which will then be posted on Penta Social Media Platforms.
  • Responding to social media posts and share what is happening in the HIV community, in a way that is accurate, informative and engaging.

The Young Reporter will be trained by social media public relation experts to:

  • Understand and engage with scientific content at the conferences/workshops
  • Create content* for social media based on key stories from the conferences/workshops
  • Develop skills on how to effectively, and professionally, use different social media channels
  • Build the social media audience and monitor growth on various social media platforms*
  • Learn how to manage negative posts and comments of social media

*All the content and platforms will be run and owned by Penta. All Young Reporters who would like to protect their anonymity will use pseudonyms on these platforms.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Aged 17-19 years.
  • Candidates must be interested/active/have been involved in activities related to the HIV field.
  • Conferences to be attended are in English, therefore candidates need to be fluent in reading and writing in English.
  • Experience of using at least one social media platform to share stories (not necessarily about HIV).
  • Organised and able to respond to WhatsApp messages and emails in good time.
  • Good communicator that likes talking to and learning from people.
  • Passionate about making sure young people understand the science behind their health and healthcare.
  • Friendly and polite.

A plus will be:

  • Links with people active in the HIV field or part of the HIV community (especially if they are teenagers), so to better understand the audience.
  • Previous experience of HIV supporting or activism.
  • Previous experience of using social media to share information about HIV.


€ 2.500,00 (two thousand five hundred/00) gross salary per year.

An average of 20 (twenty) working hours per month is foreseen.

How to apply

To apply for this role, you can either:

Please send your application by 30 September 2022 at 23:59 CEST (deadline extended).

Download the job description and application form