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Paediatric HIV: we are not done yet!


On July 9th 2020, Martina Penazzato presented at the plenary session on Pediatric HIV at the 23rd International AIDS Conference.

We met with her and asked for her thoughts on what Penta can do to continue the fight against paediatric HIV, particularly in light of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Severe infections and AMR in Africa

Video on problem of infections and antimicrobial resistance in Africa


Antimicrobial resistance is responsible for half of all sepsis-related deaths in newborns in hospital. Babies which survive these type of infections face the possibility of neurodevelopment deficits. There is an urgent need to prioritized neonatal infection research in terms of diagnosis, prevention and treatment options for severe neonatal bacterial infections.

The burden of neonatal sepsis in india

Ramesh Agarwal video


The burden of neonatal sepsis is particularly felt in India: incidence and fatality rate are very high if compared to high resource countries. Moreover, causative agents are often multidrug-resistant bugs. Policy makers, researchers, funders must work together to find the answers needed to improve clinical outcome of newborns in low-resource settings.

The history of Penta's research

Video on Penta's research history


Penta has used its years of experience and learning in the field of HIV, and taken this approach into the antimicrobials field. Penta’s approach is unique because Penta works both in infection prevention and treatment. It is through this that Penta can make progress in improving clinical outcomes and reducing children’s mortality worldwide.

Penta's holistic view on antimicrobial resistance

Video: "penta's holistic view on antimicrobial resistance


Penta’s holistic approach to severe infections makes our strategy unique. Penta works both on mother and child, working to prevent mother-to-child transmission, but also on the identification of optimal treatment for infected babies .


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