Website development and maintenance services


Call identifier: Call for web site development and maintenance services

Contracting Authority: Fondazione Penta ONLUS

Deadline to submit a proposal: 23-09-2021 12 am CET

Expected duration of the collaboration: 3 years

Language in which proposal should be submitted: English

Email address for further information:



Penta is an international scientific research network into child health. We are an independent global collaboration devoted to determining and implementing the best ways to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in children.

Fondazione Penta ONLUS is the coordinating hub of the Network, which is made of more than 300 researchers and 110 sites in 31 countries. With the skills, experience and expertise of all our Network members, the Penta Foundation develops and deliver world class research and training to drive understanding and good practice around the management of infections in children.

The Penta Foundation is involved in research projects globally that operate along the scientific priorities: HIV & viral infection, severe sepsis and antimicrobial resistance, infection in pregnancy and neglected or emerging childhood infections. Our research embraces basic, pharmacological, clinical, social and population sciences.



Fondazione Penta ONLUS is looking for a web agency or a professional to:

  • Re-develop Penta website (please insert the technical project, also writing which technology you suggest using. Please consider that our website is made in wordpress and we would like to agree about the code you would use for the scripts) using existing data/texts/graphic resources.
  • Provide continuous technical support to Penta website (please provide details)
  • Migration of the Penta Website (20GB, with also a subdomain in moodle) and 9 static projects websites (3GB/website) from the current web hosting platform (Plesk) to a new platform (please provide a proposal)
  • Provide technical support to Penta projects websites

In addition, we ask a quotation inside a Framework Service contract:

  • Design, set up, maintenance new static websites (total size up to 3 GB), tools and databases and provide technical assistance. Please provide a price for 1 website, up to 5, up to 10 website.
  • Design logos and coordinated images for new activities. Please provide a price for 1 project, up to 5, up to 10 projects.

Tenderers who wish to be considered for this work must be able to demonstrate their range of experience in website development. They should demonstrate their understanding of and ability to implement accessibility and usability standards and maintain a high level of practical accessibility. Most importantly, they should offer high-standard prevention and security services, tools, technologies and skills to continuously protect information and reduce cyber-attack risks.

The selected company will work under the coordination of Penta Communication team and under the responsibility of the Dept. People, Communications and Culture.

Flexible working hours and practices, as well as open minded and creative work attitudes are very important.

All Penta communication is in English. Staff of the selected company will need to demonstrate their ability to communicate in this language and to present their solutions to a group with varying knowledge of ICT.

The tender procedure will conclude with the award of a Framework Service contract, initially for one year, with the possibility of renewal. The contract is estimated to begin in Novembre/December 2021. A detailed breakdown of the services to be provided by the successful candidate will be negotiated and agreed at the time of awarding the contract.

The deadline for receipt of expressions of interest is 23 September 2021. Formal expressions of interest should be emailed to and by 23 September 2021.




  1. Website Strategy

The tenderer is required to redesign the Penta website strategy in line with Penta Brand guidelines and Communication strategy, focusing on usability, accessibility and responsive web design. All content (written and visual information) must be compliant with the European standards for making information easy to read and understand, in terms of design, format, font and colors.

Penta websites must be developed with Open source solutions.

All Content (written and visual information) must be editable through CMS WordPress.

The websites’ structure and layouts must also be editable by the Penta Communication team.

The website strategy must include the design and development of new websites for new Penta projects, in line with the current template (ref.

A separate quotation for the design and development of new websites must be provided.

  1. Multiple Domain Hosting and Subdomains

Penta main website is It hosts a reserved area which is accessible to about 760 people, who are people internal or external to the Penta Foundation.

The main website has a subdomain, (in moodle code)

Other owned websites are (wordpress):

  1. Content management

The tenderer will be requested to:

  • Migrate the current Penta website content and intranet content to the new website;
  • Design and set up new webpages in the Penta main website and the other Penta projects’ websites (which may also include visuals and graphs). New webpages and sections must be published in no more than 5/7 working days since the request. Time may vary depending on the complexity of the page.
  • Assist Penta Communication team in creating and uploading new content (news, publications) upon request. Requests must be delt with in no more than 2/3 days, depending on the complexity of the content.
  1. Search Engine Optimization

The selected company must review all content into SEO vision and provide continuous technical and strategic consulting on creating SEO new contents. The company will work together with a dedicated team of web editors.

  1. Technical assistance and continuous support

The selected agency is required to:

  • provide adequate staff training and tutorials
  • consultancy for new developments and ideas
  • accessibility consultancy, testing and providing proof of testing
  • development work on a case-by-case basis (providing quotations on the amount of work needed in hours/days, timeline for delivery and total costs)
  • monitoring service levels incl. periodical testing for dead links and bug fixing.
  • Email requests should be responded to in no more than 12 hours. Consultancy, assistance and development work must be ensured in no more than 7 days, depending on the complexity of the task.
  • Telephone support must be available during working time (9 AM – 5 PM).
  • The tenderer is requested to provide quotations for hourly assistance plans.

Penta welcomes proposals from companies that are willing to develop simple, innovative and accessible solutions for its websites and intranet.

Experience in creation of sites, content, graphics in the health sector is a plus.