A flexible, multidimensional, global organization

A flexible, multidimensional, global organization


The Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Outcomes Research (CLEO) was founded in Athens in 2011 with a mission to improve patient safety and the quality of healthcare services in Greek hospitals. CLEO’s work includes the design and implementation of programs to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) and to promote the judicious use of antibiotics, as well as a robust program of international, multi-center research and collaboration in the fields of epidemiology, infectious disease, vaccination, and antibiotic resistance. In 2016, CLEO established a national HAI surveillance network that includes neonatal intensive care units, paediatric intensive care units, paediatric oncology units, and units and departments of selected general hospitals across Greece; the following year, CLEO was shortlisted for the European Commission’s EU Health Award for their work on increasing the uptake of seasonal influenza vaccination among healthcare workers. The results of CLEO’s work are regularly published in internationally renowned peer-reviewed scientific journals and presented at international symposia, and have garnered popular media attention both in Greece and abroad.

In 2018, Penta opened an office in Athens, Greece, in a space shared with CLEO. Penta and CLEO have signed a Memorandum of Understanding and have begun collaborating on RANIN-KIDS (Reducing Antimicrobial use and Nosocomial INfections in KIDS: A European Network), which CLEO is coordinating and for which Penta is providing support in the area of data management. This is expected to be the first of many future collaborations between Penta and CLEO.


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