Davide Bilardi

Davide is the Social Sciences Implementation lead.

Davide holds a DPhil (PhD) in global health from the University of Oxford. He has a background in International Studies and Human Rights and an extensive experience in managing clinical research. He focused his research on measuring the impact of international research collaboration and transfer of knowledge to partners based in low and middle-income countries. He provides to Penta an expertise on qualitative and mixed methods and supports the development of the social sciences component within different areas of research of the Penta Network. 

With a long-standing collaboration with Penta as Project Manager and then Senior Project Manager, he keeps providing as well strong managerial skill. For more than a decade he coordinated the financial and contractual aspects of research projects on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) as well as in HIV clinical trials.

Since 2016 he has been based in London as a visiting worker at UCL and St. George’s Hospital of University of London.