Advisory Boards

Long Acting Injectables Advisory Group 

We always want to ensure that the different voices and experiences of young people are heard, rather than just a few representatives. To that end, when we were asked to form an advisory group for ViiV Healthcare to discuss long-acting injectable anti-retroviral therapy, we suggested a model that covered multiple countries and continents to capture a diverse set of views. 

The Long Acting Injectables Advisory Group project has seen us develop new partnerships with NGO’s in South Africa, Uganda, Thailand, UK and Argentina. The project starts with a consultation workshop at each sites with adolescents living with HIV, and then invites representatives to meet in digital meetings to share their discussions, see if there is a collective global views and where different cultures and countries vary.  

This project will be completed in 2023. 

Penta is excited to be partnering with the following NGOs for this work: 

For more information about this project or to discuss support running similar advisory groups, please contact: