We are a Global
Paediatric Research Network

devoted to determining and implementing the best ways
to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in children

Linking experts from
around the world

in an independent global collaboration that seeks to standardize
best practices across disease areas and populations

Sharing Values and Goals

such as flexibility, commitment and transparency

Researching the right drug
and the right dose

to generate the scientific data necessary to market drugs
at doses that are safe and effective for children

Understanding the
Immune Response

so as to harness the body's response
to HIV and antiretrovirals

Antimicrobial Resistance

to ensure effective treatments are available
for common infections for generations to come

Paving the way for women,
children and their families

to make powerful informed decisions about their health
and healthcare and improve the quality of their lives


A 12-minute award-winning multi-media documentary about the untold story of how mothers and children were left behind during the early days of HIV/AIDS.

Get to know us

Penta is an international independent scientific network dedicated to child health. Our work is the result of a passionate collaboration between healthcare professionals and researchers in more than 110 centres across 31 countries around the world.

Through our studies and partnerships, we develop and deliver world-class research and training in paediatric infectious diseases to improve the lives of women and children, wherever they live.

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Always expanding

Penta continues to grow, bringing together healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists worldwide to address a wide range of healthcare issues.





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Latest News

Integrating Social Sciences into clinical research: an opportunity for achieving greater impact

28 Sep, 2022

Quantitative and qualitative data have a mutually beneficial relationship. Quantitative data need the depth of qualitative evidence to be adequately interpreted, and qualitative evidence benefits from being based on robust…
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Penta endorses the People First Charter

27 Sep, 2022

The People First Charter was launched on 20th July 2021 to promote person-first language in the field of HIV. We are proud to endorse this much-needed charter which will ensure…
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PentaTr@ining: Fungal Infections in Paediatrics – Online course kicks off 

19 Sep, 2022

On September 19, 2022, we kicked off our exciting new online course, “Fungal Infections in Paediatrics” on our PentaTr@ining platform, with over 100 delegates logging in from across the world.…
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Join one of the UK’s leading Clinical Trials Units

15 Sep, 2022

The position of Senior Clinical Research Fellow is now available at the MRC CTU. The position is open to clinicians with experience in the management of infectious diseases, in particular…
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Dolutegravir-based HIV treatment is better for babies and young children

31 Aug, 2022

Babies and young children treated with the anti-HIV drug dolutegravir, in combination with other anti-HIV drugs, are more likely to keep the virus under control, compared to those treated with…
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