Penta Foundation Italy

The Penta Foundation was set up in May 2004 as the Penta coordinating centre to support activities related to research on HIV and other paediatric infectious diseases. The Foundation’s scope is to develop, promote and support clinical trials, according to Good Clinical Practice guidelines and relevant European Directives. It is a centre for project development and data management; due to its unique expertise in running international research projects, the Foundation has established several links with research groups in order to manage EU and other funded projects. It also coordinates PentaTr@ining, a training programme for health providers and an educational programme focused on HIV and other infectious diseases for adolescents.

The Penta Foundation is member of INCiPiT, the Italian Network for Paediatric Clinical Trials, whose mission is to foster and support the planning, conduct and completion of all types of clinical studies conducted in Italy, in the paediatric population by profit or not for profit sponsors.

The Penta Foundation is also part of the independent PEDIANET network, which is a system to collect epidemiological information for clinical research from family paediatricians in Italy. PEDIANET creates the possibility of accessing data from the daily activities of paediatric general practitioners and family paediatricians. This is a unique resource, both for studying individual diseases, and for the interactions between different areas of health care and population health.

Penta Foundation is fiercely committed to ensure an equal and inclusive work environment in line with its own vision. Read our Gender Equality Plan to know how we are translating this promise into practice.