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December 2021

What a year! As the familiar annual ritual of summing up the year goes, this one is dedicated to those who have turned this last stretch of the race into an extraordinary, heartening result for all children living with HIV. Today, our ODYSSEY main paper has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In reading the press release, we invite you all to toast to the people who share our belief that children and their families – wherever they live- deserve a brighter future.

November 2021

This World AIDS Day, the 1st of December, marks 40 years of HIV/AIDS and 30 years of Penta’s significant life-saving intervention for mothers and babies. This has been made possible by substantial collaboration between our network members, partners, and the communities we serve. Now we need to tell this story. Watch the film: and help us share the premiere of Penta’s special: Sun & Petals.

November 2021

For 30 years, Penta has actively engaged in ensuring that the best treatments and medications are available to women and children in the right doses and at the right time

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