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March 2022

Some 30 odd years ago, we envisioned a network of researchers and healthcare professionals stemming from every corner of the globe, working together to improve the health outcomes of every child and pregnant woman. As the decades have rolled by, we made great strides and we cannot let the war in Ukraine continue to threaten this progress.

February 2022

As the year begins, we are busy looking forward. Predicating the future is always risky, but we are willing to look into our murky crystal ball and take a chance on a couple of forecasts (or commitments if you will).  Child health has improved greatly in the past decade, thanks to research, and in 2022 we will do our part to ensure that children and pregnant women are better protected against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

December 2021

What a year! As the familiar annual ritual of summing up the year goes, this one is dedicated to those who have turned this last stretch of the race into an extraordinary, heartening result for all children living with HIV. Today, our ODYSSEY main paper has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. In reading the press release, we invite you all to toast to the people who share our belief that children and their families – wherever they live- deserve a brighter future.


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