Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Equality at Penta

At Penta, we strive to build a gender-equal, diverse and inclusive work environment for all.

As part of the Penta 2020-2025 Strategy, we are actively taking steps to embed the values of diversity and inclusion into our policy and practice, thus promoting long-term structural change at all levels.

Our efforts thus far have resulted in UNI/Pdr 125:2022 certification for gender equality by Bureau Veritas.

Our Gender Equality Plan and Policy

In 2021 we analysed the gender dimension in our existing policies, based on the Gender Equality Assessment Implementation (GEAI). Our assessment revealed that Penta scored 54,15% of GEAI in February 2022. Our objective is to achieve 70% by 2023. The aim of our Gender Equality Plan (2022-2024) is to provide a roadmap to reach these goals.

Our Gender Equality Policy highlights the guidelines and measures implemented by Penta to ensure equal opportunities and treatment for employees. It also seeks to promote a culture of respect and non-discrimination, fostering an inclusive work environment where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents.

At a glance

Existing initiatives

  • Flexible work options through hybrid working model
  • Dedicated company welfare budget for day-care fees available to all employees
  • 21 days per year of paternity leave, in addition to the 10 days granted by the Italian law
  • 2 days per month of paid menstrual leave for employees with certified dysmenorrhea
  • 100% smart-working option for new parents for a period of four months
  • Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics prohibiting any form of discrimination, harassment and workplace violence
  • Public, clear and transparent Salary and Reward policies
  • Blind recruitment

What we plan to achieve by 2024

  • Introduction of Flextime to allow employees to choose their working hours in line with their work-life balance needs
  • Expansion to eligibility for menstrual leave beyond certified dysmenorrhea
  • Extension of 100% smart-working for new mothers up to six months
  • Increase of additional paternity leave period up to 28 days
  • Achievement of gender balance in all leadership and decision-making positions
  • Integration of the Salary policy with a specific policy on Pay transparency
  • Diversity and inclusion trainings to all employees, including managers
  • Further integration of the gender perspective into Penta policies and attention to gender budgeting.

Our commitment to high levels of equality does not stop with our employees. We are committed to build gender equality in research and training, both on the side of researchers and trainers, and on the side of patients and trainees day by day.

Gender Equality Working Group

The implementation and monitoring of the Gender Equality Plan will be carried out by the Gender Equality Working Group (GEWG). The GEWG is chaired by Ms. Eleonora Brugiolo, Penta’s Equality Officer.