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Thanks to research, child and maternal health has improved greatly and in 2021 we did our part to ensure that children and pregnant women are better protected against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases. Too often these populations are overlooked in the roll-out of lifesaving drugs and vaccines, but with more than 30 years of experience under our belt, we remain committed to driving change through research that is deliberate and inclusive of the most vulnerable populations.

Our responsibility towards our People

Our respect for the planet

Our research activities

2021 is particularly significant for Penta as it represents the 30th year of successful activities for our network! During this time, we have built an ever-increasing portfolio of projects which includes not only clinical trials, but also large observational and cohort studies and pregnancy studies, supported by an expanding basic science platform and training and educational programmes across the world.

Our financial results

Following previous trends, HIV remains a key element in the research activities of the Foundation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to new collaborations and projects, opening a new research area. At the same time, antimicrobials and network building still represented a considerable share of Penta’s activities. Additionally, the use of resources is mainly directed to project-related activities, especially the implementation of the clinical trials and cohort studies in which the Foundation is involved. In 2021, the Foundation received funding from an array of sources, mostly from private and international institutions showing the numerous collaborations the Foundation has in place.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of the use of resources by type of activity for 2021. As shown, most of the expenses were incurred in relation to the implementation of clinical trials and cohort studies, highlighting the numerous studies the foundation is running.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of revenues by research area in 2021. HIV continues to be the foundation’s key research area. The significant increase in network building compared to previous years highlights the growing importance of the field.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of revenues by funder in 2021. The highest proportion corresponds to private sources, which shows the numerous collaborations the foundation has in place. The European Commission continues to be a key funder..

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Looking forward

The global effort against COVID-19 exposed the need for faster and more flexible tools in the hands of researchers, regulatory agencies, and policy makers. In response to those needs a strong interest in Digital Health Technology is emerging in the international healthcare landscape. At Penta, we are convinced that empowering healthcare with the full potential of digital technologies will make medicine faster, more personalised and precise.

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