Annual reports

For more than three decades, Penta has been unwavering in our commitment to improving the health of mothers and children around the world. We serve these populations, including the most vulnerable groups, through a network of more than 460 researchers, scientists and healthcare professionals dedicated to painting a brighter future and making a real impact on their lives.

Why aerial landscape pictures?

Who is Penta? We are people from all walks of life with different backgrounds and unique lived experiences. But as different as we are and regardless of what we see when we look outside our windows, we are unified in our belief that children and pregnant people should not have to wait years to receive the best medications.
We are where the medicines are needed, where the people who need these medicines are and where we can make a meaningful impact on health outcomes. So, regardless of where our planes, buses or trains depart from, whether we see skyscrapers or green pastures, bustling streets or hushed walkways, we aspire to see healthy children, healthy pregnancies, positive health outcomes and a brighter future for global child and maternal health.
With the pictures you will find in this Annual Social Report, we hope you see who we are, what we hope for through our studies and the values that unite us, because we are Penta people.

Our responsibility towards our People

As part of our 2020-2025 strategy, we are making positive interventions to embed the ethos of diversity, equity and inclusion into policies, processes and everyday practice, working to eliminate barriers to participation and success.

Our respect for the planet

As an international network, people are at the heart of everything we do. As such, face-to-face meetings are essential for us, and travelling has always been a distinctive feature of our approach. While it provides numerous advantages in terms of delivering global impact, such as facilitating research, exchange of ideas and improving partnerships, it also contributes to our annual carbon footprint.

Our research activities

In over 30 years of successful activities for our network, we have built an ever-increasing portfolio of projects. This includes not only clinical trials, but also large observational and cohort studies and pregnancy studies, supported by an expanding basic science platform and training and educational programmes across the world.

Our financial results

Following previous trends, HIV remains a key element in the research activities of the Foundation. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to new collaborations and projects, opening a new research area. At the same time, antimicrobials and network building still represent a considerable share of Penta’s activities. Additionally, the use of resources is mainly directed to project-related activities, especially the implementation of clinical trials and cohort studies in which the Foundation is involved. In 2022, the Foundation received funding from an array of sources, mostly from private and international institutions showing the numerous collaborations the Foundation has in place.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of the use of resources by type of activity for 2022. As shown, most of the expenses were incurred in relation to the implementation of clinical trials and cohort studies, highlighting the numerous studies the foundation is running.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of revenues by research area in 2022. HIV continues to be the foundation’s key research area. The significant increase in network building compared to previous years highlights the growing importance of the field.

The chart shows the percentage distribution of revenues by funder in 2022. The highest proportion corresponds to private sources, which shows the numerous collaborations the foundation has in place. The European Commission continues to be a key funder.

Download Penta Foundation’s 2022 Balance Sheet

Looking forward

As we set our sights on the years ahead, we are looking forward to:

  • Adopting a public health approach to our research
  • Developing a family-centred approach to our studies
  • Embracing patient-centred decentralised research
  • Exploring citizen-led science and participatory research
  • Strengthening our preparedness platform for emerging infectious diseases.


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