Penta is committed to capacity building through the ongoing delivery of high quality, comprehensive, tailored training courses globally. We understand the complexities and demands facing paediatric infectious disease healthcare professionals today, and have developed educational content within the framework of a patient-centred teaching model to support their ongoing learning needs. Since 2005 we have been successfully organizing interactive, scientifically rigorous and fully immersive paediatric HIV training courses for delegates around the world – integrating both residential and innovative distance learning methods across a variety of languages.


PentaTr@ining is a pioneering training platform that continues to develop and evolve in response to the changing needs of children, pregnant women and young people living with HIV and other infectious diseases.

We are proud to have on board a fully briefed faculty who are world experts in their field. In addition to delivering face-to-face trainings in resource limited regions, we have recently fully redesigned and upgraded our flagship online course to incorporate up-to-date knowledge on other congenital infections. Our aim is to continue updating and strengthening our training material with each course while building on the success, reputation and true collegiate spirit of the previous ‘Tr@inforPedHIV’ courses.

Further to this, we are currently expanding our training programmes on other clinical areas of our research activity – continuing to widen our network more and more, and where it matters most!

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  • Delegate – Zanzibar training (2018)
    “The training helped us to see more strategies for improved patient care, drug options available globally, and adolescent friendly HIV care – through peer-to-peer interaction.”


  • Delegate – Zanzibar training (2018)
    “We believe it is important to continue talking about HIV infection in order to sensitize people so as to reduce transmission, answer questions that arise in communities, dispel any myths, clarify misconceptions and help to reduce stigma in society.”


  • Delegate – Oxford training (2019)
    “It was a knowledge feast! I thoroughly relished the learning experience. All the tutors just kept every one of us on our toes.”


  • Delegate – Dushanbe training (2019)
    “These courses are very useful and necessary for the development of better quality care for children living with HIV. Prophylaxis of HIV among the population remains very important.”


  • Penta Trainer – Germany
    “PentaTr@ining has been outstanding because it is more international, more global. The spirit of the Penta ID Network has always aimed at successful, high-level scientific collaboration.”


  • Delegate - Johannesburg training (2019)
    “The course added value to my work in the way that I manage exposed infants that are brought for routine or emergency care. It helped me build a relationship with our linkage team and quickly link infants and mothers to care in my practice.”


  • Penta Trainer – El Salvador
    “The Penta 'experience' has changed the model of HIV care in Central America. For El Salvador, the experience gained over the years working with the Penta community has shaped the practice of caring for children with HIV, learning to implement solutions with the available resources.”


  • Delegate – Maputo training (2019)
    “In my view the Penta ID Network has, in a special way, helped trials in research and also helped improve national guidelines on paediatric HIV care and management. PentaTr@ining was the first of its kind for me and I was so excited to share experiences.”


  • Delegate – Maputo training (2019)
    “The training course added value to my work. My practice changed by reinforcing the new guidelines and giving a strong health education to adults in how to take care of children who are living with HIV/AIDS.”


  • Delegate - Irkutsk (2013)
    “The training has changed my understanding of my profession and the role I need to play. After the training I really did my best to introduce everything I have learnt on treatment and prevention. I am now more self assured and convinced to fight and protect the interests of children in terms of their treatment.”



PentaTr@ining: 2005 – present


So far, more than 5,000 healthcare workers from over 30 countries have participated in our training courses. To date we have carried out 71 courses, with others planned for the very near future.











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