By training the next generation of professionals working at the front-line of paediatric infectious diseases, Penta continues its mission to build a global network that can help health systems achieve optimal outcomes for children.

What we do – trainer’s view

Why we do it – delegate’s view

Our Mission

PentaTr@ining is committed to capacity building through the ongoing delivery of high-quality, innovative, and bespoke training courses to delegates around the globe.

We are proud to have on board a fully briefed faculty who are world experts in their respective fields. In addition to providing dynamic face-to-face trainings in resource-limited regions, we have substantially expanded and upgraded our online catalogue, which now includes fresh programmes on AMR, fungal infections, viral hepatitis, HIV and congenital infections

Our ambition remains to update and strengthen our courses while building on the success, reputation and collegiate spirit of the previous ‘Tr@inforPedHIV’ courses. This is reinforced through continued meaningful engagement with young people and community groups in the design and delivery of our trainings.

Our Courses

PentaTr@ining is an interactive training platform that continues to develop and evolve in response to the changing needs of children, young people and pregnant people living with infectious diseases. Since 2005 we have been successfully organizing interactive and scientifically rigorous training curricula, integrating both residential and modern ‘agile’ e-learning methods across a variety of languages. Find out more about our training courses below.

Our Impact

We understand the complexities and demands facing paediatric infectious disease healthcare workers today, and have developed educational content within the framework of a patient-centred teaching model to support their ongoing learning needs.

We continue to measure our impact and enduring changes in practice among participants of our training programmes. To date, we have collated key delegate feedback and data from a total of 10 training courses held since 2019.

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Penta guidelines for 1st & 2nd line ART

Paediatric HIV progression Risk Calculator

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PentaTr@ining: 2005 – present

So far, more than 8,000 healthcare workers from across 37 countries have participated in our training programmes. To date, we have carried out over 80 courses, with others planned for the very near future.









Our Roadmap

First residential course in London

First European online course

First residential course in Rome

First African and French language course in Cameroon

Integration with Oxford PID Diploma

First Latin American and Spanish Language course held in El Salvador

First residential course in Asia held in Thailand

First Russian language course held in Russia

Collaboration with UNICEF begins

First Russian language online course

Collaboration with WHO begins

Launch of new online Pentatr@ining platform

‘HIV & other Congenital Infections’ online course translated and delivered in Spanish and Russian

Successful delivery of new programme ‘Fungal Infections in Paediatrics’

Successful delivery of new programmes ‘Viral Hepatitis in Children’ and ‘AMR Online Course’