Penta ID Network

The Penta ID Network forms the foundation of our work in Penta. With the skills, experience and expertise of all our Network members, we develop and deliver world class research and training to drive understanding and good practice around the management of infections in children, young people and pregnant people. 

The Penta ID Network reaches almost every corner of the world, with members spanning from Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe, and has grown steadily since its initial set up in Europe back in 1991. Our members are clinicians, researchers and healthcare professionals, who cover a great depth and breadth of expertise in paediatric infectious diseases. 

We leverage this diversity in conducting life-changing research and cutting-edge training programmes – all with the aim to improve the lives of pregnant people and children through the generation and application of new scientific knowledge. 

This detailed slide set and one slider are useful resources for our members as they help to spread the word about Penta. As ambassadors and spokespersons, our members play a vital role in promoting Penta at events and speaking engagements. Please don’t hesitate to request editable versions (eg. PPT) of these resources, we’re always happy to provide them.

Penta ID Network Members around the world

Scientific working groups

Arising from our key scientific priorities, our scientific working groups have been working to lead the development of new research concepts, training programmes and activities in each of these scientific areas with the goal to improve the health outcomes of children and pregnant people.

Our nine working groups are:

How to become a member

Are you interested in being part of the global, independent Penta ID Network?

As a member – working in maternal or paediatric infectious disease, a healthcare professional, researcher or scientist – you can contribute to achieving better outcomes for children through your combined experience, knowledge and influence.

Whether you are just starting out or are already working in maternal or paediatric infectious disease, we invite you to join our growing global Penta ID Network.

What benefits do we offer?

Our members interact by participating in online and face to face discussions and meetings, and we support them to disseminate their research and activities. Our members support us by facilitating access to clinical sites and cohorts and promoting Penta’s work externally. From support at different stages of your career to access to network and educational resources, we offer a range of benefits to our members:

  • The opportunity to connect with peers and be involved in Penta activities: As a member you can access the online Penta Aperitivo series, Penta Meetings and Penta Communication channels to connect with peers across the globe. Through networking and collaboration, research teams are formed, and new ideas, proposals and research are created.
  • A global platform to disseminate your research: Gathering like-minded and world-class experts, our members can discuss their ideas, share and disseminate their work utilizing our communication channels – and above all make new friends.
  • Access to specialized and current information: By accessing tailored and dedicated workshops and information members will further develop their specialized knowledge.
  • Access to Penta ID Network scientific working groups: Our members can connect with the Network’s scientific working groups, to take forward new research ideas or projects.
  • Regular Penta communications: We keep our members up to date new and ongoing research, Penta activities and information relevant to the paediatric ID community.
  • Support for early career researchers: We are supporting researchers at different stages of their careers to develop their skills and experience. New programmes for those wishing to advance their careers will be launched soon.

If you have any questions relating to the Penta ID Network Membership you can contact us at: