We are a global, independent scientific network

We are a global, independent scientific network

The global Penta ID Network started in Europe and has been growing steadily in Asia, Africa and the Americas. Our members are healthcare professionals, researchers and scientists who cover a depth and breadth of expertise and specialties and share a common vision to improve paediatric infectious disease.

We leverage this diversity to develop and deliver world class clinical research, education and training programmes and infrastructure development initiatives in the area of paediatric infectious disease, all with the aim of improving the lives of women and children through generation and application of scientific knowledge.

Penta ID Network Members around the world

How to become a member

Are you interested in being part of the global, independent Penta ID Network?

As a member – working in maternal or paediatric infectious disease, a healthcare professional, researcher or scientist – you can contribute to achieving better outcomes for children through your combined experience, knowledge and influence.

Whether you are just starting out or are already working in maternal or paediatric infectious disease, we invite you to join our growing global Penta ID Network. Sign up to our Penta ID Network Membership here.

What benefits do we offer?

Our members interact by participating in online and face to face discussions and meetings, and we support them to disseminate their research and activities. Our members support us by facilitating access to clinical sites and cohorts and promoting Penta’s work externally. From support at different stages of your career to access to network and educational resources, we offer a range of benefits to our members.

The opportunity to connect with peers and be involved in Penta activities: As a member you can access the online Penta Aperitivo series, Penta Meetings and Penta Communication channels to connect with peers across the globe. Through networking and collaboration, research teams are formed, and new ideas, proposals and research are created.

A global platform to disseminate your research: Gathering like-minded and world-class experts, our members can discuss their ideas, share and disseminate their work utilizing our communication channels – and above all make new friends.

Access to specialized and current information: By accessing tailored and dedicated workshops and information members will further develop their specialized knowledge.

Access to Penta ID Network scientific working groups: Our members can connect with the Network’s scientific working groups, to take forward new research ideas or projects.

Regular Penta communications: We keep our members up to date new and ongoing research, Penta activities and information relevant to the paediatric ID community.

Support for early career researchers: We are supporting researchers at different stages of their careers to develop their skills and experience. New programmes for those wishing to advance their careers will be launched soon.

If you have any questions relating to the Penta ID Network Membership you can contact us at: network@pentafoundation.org

Manage your membership

If your contact information changes, please inform us by writing to network@pentafoundation.org. By keeping your membership information up to date, we can inform you about the more relevant and interesting developments related to you.

If you are considering resigning your membership, please contact network@pentafoundation.org.

Are you an Early Career Researcher?

In Penta, we define an early career researcher (ECR) as an individual who is undertaking or holds a PhD or equivalent professional training and is ready to develop their research identity.

ECRs are at the core of Penta’s mission, as they represent the future of the Foundation and paediatric infectious disease. We want to create the ideal environment for ECRs to grow their careers and become leaders of the future.


Our ECRs are from all over the world

Our early career researchers working group are working to develop opportunities for networking with our vast, vibrant and experienced Penta ID Network, develop their skills through bespoke training and link with experts for mentorship opportunities.

The group aims to support the long-term sustainability of the Penta ID Network, whilst building research passion, capability and supporting the development of future researcher leaders and network members.

We are supporting ECRs to develop within the Foundation leadership opportunities, research skills and careers of the next generation of leading researchers in paediatric infectious diseases.


These are the objectives of the Penta ECRs group:

  • Develop a knowledge hub
  • Provide research training
  • Develop a mentorship programme
  • Develop peer-to-peer feedback
  • Create ECR opportunities


If you are an early career researcher and interested in getting involved, contact us at network@pentafoundation.org.


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