Annual Report 2019

What happened in 2019?


This was a key year for us as we further developed the Penta strategic plan, the strategic plans for each scientific content area and platform and held our bi- annual Penta Investigator’s Meeting.

We haven’t just made strides forward in terms of our strategic direction; we have also made great progress in our strategic clinical trials. We have exceeded our recruitment target in the SMILE study by recruiting 318 patients, closed recruitment in the NeoVanc project with 240 patients enrolled for the study as well as achieved our recruitment target of 150 patients for the EARTH study.

We have also completed the PED-MERMAIDS study, which has been pivotal in contributing to the standardized data on clinical characteristics, management and outcome of children hospitalized for acute respiratory infections and Antibiotic Resistant Infections and sepsis in Europe. These data will form an incredibly informative pre COVID-19 baseline comparison.

You can read the letter and the report in full here.

Our financial results

We seek to deliver high quality meaningful research – generating evidence that matters and makes a difference to practice. In our 28 years of operation we have developed considerable expertise in developing and running independent multinational research projects that do just this.

In 2019, we trained over 500 healthcare workers at residential courses in Mozambique, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Belarus, Mexico and South Africa. In September, we held an emergency clinical mentorship training course in Pakistan following a significant HIV outbreak in the Region. Since its initiation, more than 4,000 healthcare workers from over 30 countries have benefitted from our training courses.

In May we got together for our bi-annual Penta ID Network Meeting (PIM). Since its initiation in 1999, the PIM has traditionally been the key opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of Penta’s activities, plans and …dreams! It has encouraged the exchange of ideas and proposals within the network and highlighted the importance of all contributions.

2019 has been a busy and productive year for Penta. We also strongly believe that 2020 will be both an exciting and challenging year. We will work tirelessly towards growing, consolidating and expanding our network of investigators and trial sites. We will explore how to bring more countries into the network, especially low and middle income countries.