BFA Finalists

Meet the Brighter Future Awards (BFA) finalists! Penta’s BFA is a global initiative to recognise the champions who work to improve health outcomes for pregnant people and children living with infectious diseases worldwide.

The 17 finalists have demonstrated exceptional dedication and innovation towards improving health outcomes during pregnancy and in children. We are excited to showcase their inspiring work and celebrate their impact on global health. 


Adeodata Kekitiinwa

Manal El Sayed

Nadia Sam-Agudu


Dhruba Shrestha

Maria Sta Karren


Begonia Nafria

Maria Pokorska-Śpiewak

Medicus Mundi

North America

Ally Zlater

Charlene Harrod-Owuamana

Jennifer Furin

Central and South America

Alejandra Sánchez Cabezas

Facundo E Peralta

María Fernanda Escobar

Young Researchers

Isaquel Bartolomeu Silva

Laura Tarancon diez

Matias Moragas