D3 (PENTA 21)

Pharmacokinetics of once-daily DTG/3TC FDC in children living with HIV: D3/PENTA21 sub-study

12 Mar, 2024

Authors: Bevers HAL, Chan KM, Bbuye D, Kekitiinwa RA, Kityo C, Kaudha E, Ahimbisibwe MG, Arumugam T, Moloantoa T, Boles J, Deprez I, Giaquinto C, Turkova A, Colbers A for…
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Sensitive HIV-1 DNA Pol Next-Generation Sequencing for the Characterisation of Archived Antiretroviral Drug Resistance

30 Aug, 2023

Authors: Botha JC, Byott M, Spyer MJ, Grant PR, Gärtner K, Chen WX, Burton J, Bamford A, Waters LJ, Giaquinto C, et al. Published in: Viruses
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