Learning from conect4children: A Collaborative Approach towards Standardisation of Disease-Specific Paediatric Research Data

18 Jul, 2024

Authors: Sen A, Hedley V, Degraeuwe E, Hirschfeld S, Cornet R, Walls R, Owen J, Robinson PN, Neilan EG, Liener T, et al. Learning from conect4children Published in: MDPI
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European research networks to facilitate drug research in children

16 Oct, 2020

  Author: Mark A. Turner, Katharine Cheng, Saskia de Wildt, Heidrun Hildebrand, Sabah Attar, Paolo Rossi, Donato Bonifazi, Adriana Ceci, Joana Claverol, Begonya Nafria, Carlo Giaquinto Published in: British Journal…
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