Due to the unmet clinical need of a vaccine against SARS-CoV2 for paediatric individuals, the RBDCOV consortium will initiate a clinical trial to demonstrate the effectiveness of a vaccine against current and emerging SARS-COV-2 variants. The study will continuously monitor the situation around COVID-19 for new emerging variants to ensure that the platform is prepared to cope with the disease. Visit the RBDCOV website.

What is RBDCOV?

RBD Dimer recombinant protein vaccine against SARSCoV2

RBDCOV is a clinical trial set up to test whether a new vaccine against the different variants of COVID-19 is safe, efficient and tolerable in terms of side-effects. The study will recruit participants from Turkey and Spain. Penta is a partner in the RBDCOV project.

Why is RBDCOV needed?

The RBDCOV project will contribute to the development of a vaccine to protect against severe COVID infection including in people with compromised immune systems and to ensure long-term immune response. The Project also foresees that the vaccine will be made accessible worldwide thanks to its 2-8º C storage temperature, which facilitates a longer lasting shelf-life, transport, and distribution.

What is RBDCOV’s goal?

RBDCOV project is to test the efficacy, tolerability, and safety of two new vaccines against different variants of COVID-19 based on the outstanding data generated using a recombinant protein developed by the consortium partners.

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