Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

Penta offers support to individuals who are undertaking or hold a PhD or equivalent professional training and are ready to develop their research identity.  ECRs are at the core of the Penta ID Network’s mission, and we strongly believe in the need for voicing the vision of the future by a younger generation to assure the continuity of Penta.

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What do we offer ECRs

Penta provides an ideal environment that enables ECRs to build their research passion and capability.  We strive to increase the visibility of ECRs in the scientific community and offer support in the development of future leaders in paediatric infectious diseases.

We do this through:

1. Mentorship

Penta provides opportunities for ECRs to be mentored by experienced researchers within our network. Mentees and mentors engage in an active partnership with mentors to identify achievable career goals and address challenges. If you are part of the Penta ID Network and interested in joining our mentorship programme, please contact us at pentamentoringprogramme@pentafoundation.org

2. Peer feedback

Penta provides a friendly and informal platform for ECRs to share experiences, gain feedback on ideas and identify collaborators among themselves.

3. Training

Penta empowers ECRs to develop their careers by linking them to training opportunities that support the development of research skills. Keep up to date with this webpage to find out about future training opportunities available for ECRs.

Who can join?

ECR membership is open to anyone in the Penta ID Network who is undertaking or holds a PhD or equivalent professional training related to paediatric infectious diseases. To get involved sign up to the Penta ID Network Membership, or if you are already a Network member get in contact with us.

ECR working group

  • Lead: John Kopsidas
  • Deputy Lead: Lisanne Bevers
  • Members: Grace Miriam Ahimbisibwe, Pauline Amuge, Tristan Delory, Cristina Epalza, Carlos Grasa, Tom Jacobs, Elizabeth Kaudha, Cinta Moraleda, Maggie Nyirenda, Helen Payne, Karen Scott, Elisabetta Venturini, Catherine Wedderburn, Ellen White
  • Penta point of contact: Melania Kowatch

“Our Working Group has been developed to drive Penta’s scientific work in building the next generation of leading researchers in paediatric infectious diseases and offer new insights for Penta’s scientific group. The vision for the our Working Group is for it to be the incubator for the next global research leaders of the Penta Network. The mission is to help each other become better and to facilitate the best use of Penta network’s resources in that direction.”

Upcoming Events

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Get in touch

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