Looking ahead

Building on the momentum of past achievements and valuable lessons learnt, Penta is charting a course for a brighter future in child health research. Our strategic priorities for 2024 include collaboration, innovation and equity, all designed to translate scientific advancements into real-world solutions.

Strengthening collaboration

  • We will continue to promote and sustain close, synergistic collaboration between various research networks, including establish cohorts, adaptive platform trial networks, and basic research initiatives
  • We will accelerate progress and avoid duplication of efforts by fostering knowledge exchange and streamlining processes.

Bridging the gap between science and clinical practice

  • We will build upon successful projects like c4c to bridge the gap between science and practical application.

Fostering innovation and scale-up

  • We will actively promote partnerships between academia and industry to drive groundbreaking research and ensure its practical application.
  • We aim to establish a larger bench-to-bedside partnership using EPIICAL cohorts and virology/immunology platforms for rapid development of monoclonal antibodies to treat HIV and other infections in children.
  • Together with AchilleS Vaccines and IAVI, we will focus on the Prometheus project to develop monoclonal antibodies to strengthen pandemic preparedness.

Enhancing collaboration for global impact

  • We will work closely with diverse stakeholders – including adult research networks (ECRAID, CoMeCT, BeREADY), diagnostic labs, and regulatory bodies – to ensure that research findings translate into tangible improvements in child and maternal health.
  • We will continue supporting the WHO GAP-f initiative for faster access of paediatric formulations globally.

Investing in the future

  • We are committed to leveraging real-world data and innovative methodologies to expedite research and development (as in VERDI and Prometheus).
  • We will keep building collaborative processes and approaches for identifying emerging threats and ensuring our research agenda remains impactful and responsive to evolving needs.

Strengthening the Penta Foundation

  • We are committed to strengthening our governance, achieving greater transparency, and ensure a more inclusive and equitable research environment.
  • We will develop and enhance partnerships with civil society organisations and affected populations – a cornerstone of community engagement.

This ensures effective promotion and implementation of our research agenda. The challenges in global health research and funding remain significant. However, at Penta, we are optimistic about the future. By working together, we believe we can make significant strides towards a healthier world for all children and their families.