1st International Varicella-Zoster Symposium – March 2020

29 Jan, 2020

The first international symposium focusing on Varicella-Zoster will be held 12-14 March in Athens, Greece.

This meeting will bring together experts working across public health institutions, to summarise the current state of the art knowledge on prevention of Varicella Zoster infections. Offering the opportunity for experts to share their experiences on Universal Varicella Vaccination programmes and discus challenges for further implementation, knowledge gaps and ways to overcome the remaining barriers to move varicella forward as a truly vaccine preventable disease.

This exciting symposium is co-organised by Penta. The symposium will consist of several workshops on relevant topics, with the opportunity for discussion, and publication in peer review journals. Our president Professor Carlo Giaquinto will be present and chairing the How far can the burden of varicella and HZ be reduced workshop.

For more information on this symposium visit the website.