300 patients enrolled in PED-MERMAIDS study

14 Feb, 2018

Enrollment of patients to the PED-MERMAIDS study is proceeding at a remarkable pace and we have reached 300 patients this month thanks to all sites and their teams.
Special remark for the top recruiting site, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova in Italy, with 17 patients enrolled in the first month after the site opened. Congratulations and thank you for the contribution to the study!

PED-MERMAIDS is part of the project PREPARE (Platform for European Preparedness Against (Re-)emerging Epidemics), an EU funded network for harmonized large-scale clinical research studies on infectious diseases, prepared to rapidly respond to any severe ID outbreak, providing real-time evidence for clinical management of patients and for informing public health responses.

PREPARE is funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Programme under grant number 602525.