A PENTA delegation in Uganda in January to support projects of ACAVPA

07 Feb, 2018


A delegation of PENTA Foundation was in Kampala, Uganda on January 29th – 31st on a visit aimed at monitoring the ongoing international cooperation projects supported by the Foundation and carried out by local actors.

During the visit, the PENTA team had the opportunity to meet the clinicians and educators working for Nsambya Home Care, Mu-Jhu and Ggaba Parish, specialized in HIV treatment and research and in providing assistance to the patients and their families. They could also meet representatives of young patients’ associations carrying out peer-to-peer sensitization, camps, fundraising, and other activities aimed at bringing the voice and meeting the needs of their peers.

The team even had the privilege to assist to the football and netball matches and to follow the teams’ parade along the streets in Ggaba, a means to raise awareness on the stereotype suffered by people living with HIV. Healthy living, sports and nutritional education are one of the objectives of the ongoing psycho-social projects.

Penta supports initiatives in LMIC in partnership with Casa Accoglienza alla vita Padre Angelo – ACAVPA (Trento, Italy) mainly sponsored by Provincia Autonoma di Trento and Regione Trentino-Alto Adige.

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