Abbas Lugemwa speaks on ‘PentaTr@ining Uganda 2021’

15 Apr, 2021

It was a lifetime privilege and honour to host the ‘PentaTr@ining Uganda 2021′ course. This training had originally been planned for 2020, but that schedule got disrupted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, we still received all the maximum support to make the course happen this year. This was a declaration of trust by Penta Foundation in the work we do as Joint Clinical Research Centre – Mbarara, and a demonstration of commitment by Penta to build capacity for excellence in research and paediatric care.

This interactive training was unique in its composition of faculty and delegates. It attracted faculty members (local, regional and international) who are top level scientific experts in their field. Meanwhile, delegates comprised a mixture of leading doctors and scientists, policy movers, academics, community opinion heads, military healthcare workers, patient groups, young researchers, as well as first timers.

The presentations and discussions were held over four half-days in the afternoon, meaning participants remained engaged all through each session without tiring. The choice of topics and presenters also ensured the most relevant local issues were covered with a top quality and in-depth global perspective that mixed research, policy and practice.

Life-changing testimonies are already coming in: “This meeting has already inspired me to withstand all the challenges of realizing my dream of becoming an established scientist. The way my co-chair encouraged me to express myself during the training sessions was really empowering.” – Local delegate. And I’m pleased to say there are many more testimonies and further feedback like this.

There are already a number of one-on-one discussions among delegates and the faculty, especially in Uganda, to explore avenues for continuous joint collaborative work to help create new networks.

Thank you so much Penta for choosing us at the right time.

Dr Abbas Lugemwa is the Head of Mbarara Regional Centre of Excellence at Joint Clinical Research Centre. He was the local faculty lead for the ‘PentaTr@ining Uganda 2021’ online course.

 ‘PentaTr@ining Uganda 2021′

Our online course ‘PentaTr@ining Uganda 2021’ has concluded today. The training was organised in a joint collaboration between Penta and local partners through Joint Clinical Research Centre in Uganda. The course focused on a wide range of topics – from the impact of COVID-19 on HIV services to vaccine roll-out, from the clinical management of paediatric HIV and opportunistic infections to research methodologies. There was also a dedicated session on the experiences of young people living with HIV and transitioning to adult care. Previous face-to-face PentaTr@ining courses in Uganda were carried out in Mbale in 2015, Gulu in 2012, and Kampala in 2007.

What is PentaTr@ining?

PentaTr@ining has a well-established teaching faculty and training model. Our course speakers comprise a mixture of international, regional, and national experts to provide the best expertise and local knowledge and to enhance networking and the formation of lasting links of benefit to health care providers and their patients. Through PentaTr@ining, healthcare workers are empowered by high-quality training from experienced frontline professionals in the management of HIV and other infectious diseases, and in teaching the clinical aspects of paediatric care.

If you would like more information about our training courses, visit the PentaTr@ining webpage to find out more!