CARMA Global sites prepared and ready to enrol

11 Aug, 2022

CARMA Global is an EPIICAL cross-sectional, multi-country, multi-site, low interventional study on children, adolescents and youth who started ART at three months or younger at least seven years ago and are currently on ART. The study aims to investigate viral reservoirs in these populations to better understand why ART is more effective in some patients than in others. In the social component, the study will collect data on attitudes towards HIV research to develop strategies to keep participants enrolled in clinical trials.

Within any clinical trial staff and investigators at research sites play a critical role, and the CARMA Global study is no exception. In July and August 2022, as part of the preparations for the initiation of enrolments into CARMA Global, investigators and site staff were oriented on study procedures and the correct sample management techniques. Additionally, they received insightful and engaging training on data collection, site data management and use of a vignette-based instrument to be used in the social component of the study. Enrolment into the study is expected to begin in September 2022.

Clinical trials are designed to improve treatment options and outcomes for particular populations, and underprepared staff could be detrimental. With the completion of the training sessions, the CARMA Global staff are now well prepared and eager to begin to work on the study. With these trainings they also now have the knowledge needed to train future staff. 

Visit the CARMA Global webpage to find out more about the study.

CARMA Global is a Penta sponsored study.

Photo by Michaeljung from Getty Images