Collaborating against HIV: Dr Sarah Watters podcast goes ‘viral’

28 Mar, 2018

Dr. Sarah Watters takes time out of her research to give us a fascinating peek into the world of viruses. In this podcast she discusses how she initially got into virology and HIV research. She also outlines the goals and importance of the EPIICAL project on a global scale, providing a brief overview of current HIV detection and treatment methods. Having recently travelled to Africa to carry out some valuable work for the EARTH substudy, Dr. Watters proceeds to give us some useful insights into the practical challenges typically involved in such field-work study visits.

On a more lighthearted note, her mini-experiment involving the ‘Glitter Virus’ is a surprisingly effective illustration of just how easily viruses can infect, and subsequently, spread. There is also plenty of more science news and fun trivia, not to mention Sarah’s carefully chosen music mixtape.